Hipsters by any other name…


Hipsters by any other name…

Hipsters by any other name…

Whether you call them Hispters or their younger sibling Yuccies, this sub-culture is worth marketing to. But let’s face it, they get a bad wrap and not many of them want to be regarded as the sub-culture know for excessive facial hair and glasses.

So let’s define them by their psychographics:








Spending power

so for now on let’s call them “C.R.E.A.T.I.V.S.”

What makes CREATIVS  such a marketable subculture is it can transcends Age:

You have millennial CREATIVS

Generation X CREATIVS

and if you look hard enough, I am sure you can find a Baby Boomer CREATIVS

They transcend culture

American Hipsters

French hipsters

Nigerian Hipsters

Beijing Hipsters

It creates its own markets

Thanks to hipsters glasses companies have exploded

New York’s Warby Parker

London’s Cubbits

Korea’s Ashcroft Eyewear

And while some say the hipster markets might be going flat, in 2013 Etsy sound $1.35 billion in merchandise. And, conglomerates like Pepsi are starting to sell Artisinal Products, So you see, as entrepreneurs, now might the time to dust of that retro-inspired, artisan idea and put it on the market.


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