Design vs. Function: How would you start prototyping?

Design vs. Function: How would you start prototyping?

I am here to talk about design vs function. When new start-ups are creating a prototype, they think about how to should they approach it: The most captivating design ever, or something that is all about performance. Are you Mercedes or BMW? We see this in prototyping time and time again. Minka Skateboards makes a case for outstanding design, and Baise-en-Ville Skateboards blows us away with ingenuity. Spoiler alert, there is no wrong answer.

Minka Skateboards Interview: 0:51
Baise-en-Ville Interview 4:40

For information about Minka Skateboard visit their site:
Now is your chance to support Baise-en-Ville visit their kickstater page:

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