Cicret leaves an impression

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Cicret leaves an impression

Cicret leaves an impression

Three days ago BuzzFeed posted proof of how we are living in the future. And though they were quite convincing, nothing drove the point home more than the doohickey I discovered whilst reading DesignBoom. Designed in France, the Cicret bracelet is built to project the contents of your phone onto your forearms, faster than you can say “it can do that?”. Though it is still in the prototype stages, this bracelet is promising the convenience of your device, even while bathing–which I must imagine is useful to some. So why isn’t it on the market? Well, there are still a couple of hiccups, the details of which can be found by the skeptical commenters on the DesignBoom site:

“Hmm cool bro, but does it work with darker skins?”

“And What if I have tattoos on my arms?
Also at daylight I bet it will be difficult to see the “screen”.
How long does the battery will be working until it runs out? I think it would last very few because this bracelet is so thin.
The idea has a lot of potential but lots of things to improve too.”

“Do I need to shave my arm?”

That being said, you can help fund the dream on their website.

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